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Any time of year is the perfect time to plan a trip to Pismo Beach. The SeaCrest OceanFront Hotel is located in beautiful Pismo Beach, along California’s Central Coast. With year round temperatures ranging from 66 to 84 degrees and an average of 315 days of sunshine each year, the area is one of the most popular destinations for beach getaways and family vacations and offers 23 miles of coastline with some of the best beaches in the state.

Many of the California Central Coast's top attractions and fun activities are an easy drive from the SeaCrest OceanFront Hotel, here are just a few to help with your vacation planning. For more recommendations, please contact our helpful guest services staff.

No matter what brings you to town, Pismo Beach has something for every vacationer!

Food & Wine

Food & Wine at SeaCrest, Pismo Beach

Pismo Beach is tantamount to great wine. The small beach town is surrounded by some of the best California wine-growing regions including Santa Ynez Valley, Santa Maria Valley, Arroyo Grande Valley, Edna Valley and Paso Robles. Experiencing local wine is as easy as strolling the streets of downtown Pismo Beach, pairing premier tasting with mild weather and a laid-back beach environment.

Here’s an easy and affordable way to enjoy the wineries of South San Luis Obispo County. Take advantage of our Edna Valley Wine Tour Package. You’ll travel the back country roads and discover the hidden local favorites of San Luis Obispo County’s wine country. We’ve teamed up with Breakaway Tours to give you more than just ‘something to do’, with knowledgeable and fun wine tour guides.


Adventure at SeaCrest, Pismo Beach

You can certainly come to Pismo Beach to kick back and relax, but this town draws its fair share of thrill-seekers too… for good reason. Whether you’re ready to go from zero to sixty, or looking for a milder form of activity, there are plenty of adventure-friendly options in Pismo to answer your call.

The SeaCrest OceanFront Hotel is ready to send you on a one-of-a-kind adventure with our Santa Margarita Zip-line Adventure Package which includes a 2.5 hour zip-lining tour for two at the Santa Margarita Ranch!


Coupels at SeaCrest, Pismo Beach

Is there anything more romantic than a sunset on the beach? Or a sunrise, for that matter? The SeaCrest OceanFront Hotel is romance central for couples who are celebrating new love, a honeymoon, or years together. Ask for special room enhancements to make your stay at the SeaCrest even sweeter, or allow us to plan a lovey-dovey itinerary for you including wine tours or dinner at the finest restaurants in Pismo Beach. Or simply bask in the beauty of your relationship in our heated pool, outdoor hot tubs, or the privacy of your own suite.

So, what kind of couple are you?

The “Adventurous” Couple If the great outdoors constantly calls your names, you are likely an adventurous couple. You enjoy exploring and taking in all that nature can provide be it great views, exercise, historical outings or exhilarating feats. With an average winter high of 65 degrees, you can get out and get active anytime in Pismo Beach. Try hiking, running, exploring the beach, surfing or horseback riding, just to name a few of Pismo’s great outdoor adventures.

The “Wine And Dine” Couple  Do you enjoy experiencing delicious meals complete with the charm of stunning ocean views? Pismo Beach restaurants will satisfy. Whether you love fine wine, are discriminating foodies or simply love a night out, you will find the perfect romantic setting within your price range. From casual California-style dishes to coastal seafood and wine country-inspired experiences, there are over 40 restaurants within a five mile radius of downtown Pismo Beach. Yes, there are endless and delectably delicious possibilities. To help you out, here is our list of the top culinary destinations complete with romantic views: 

Ventana Grill – where virtually every seat has an ocean view
Steamers of Pismo – sit in the main restaurant for one of the best views in town
Shell Café– we recommend getting here for the sunset
Splash Café – order to go and take your food just steps away to a bench, the pier or the sand for your perfect view
Cool Cat Café – sit on the patio for a great view of the pier

Desire a wine tasting adventure prior to your big night out? to plan your outing. Plan on picking up a bottle or two as many restaurants will offer a discounted or waived corkage fee for bottles purchased at local tasting rooms.

The “Laid Back” Couple If rest and relaxation is what your bodies crave, Pismo will accommodate both. Lazy walks along the beach followed by a soak in a hot tub and maybe some room service or a massage will create pure vacation magic. And the SeaCrest OceanFront Hotel is here to make your holiday visit the best it can be. No matter what you and your significant other enjoy and expect from a vacation, let SeaCrest OceanFront Hotel in Pismo Beach be your romance central. We offer special enhancements designed just for your special stay, book your romantic holiday today!


Familiy at SeaCrest, Pismo Beach

You would be hard-pressed to find any place more suited to family travel than Pismo Beach. Nearly every event, attraction, and destination offers activities for adults and children. The SeaCrest OceanFront Hotel takes it one step further by making your four-legged family friend welcome in our rooms as well. While Pismo Pier, Dinosaur Caves Park, and the tasty eateries of Pismo Beach await, you don’t have to go further than the grounds of the SeaCrest to get some family down time, with our heated pool, ice cream in the lobby, and direct beach access.

Bowl Pismo Beach & Beyond: Traditional Family Fun with a Spin
A novel pastime in this age of extreme sports, bowling is the kind of activity that unifies us all once we lace up those silly-looking shoes and attempt to maneuver an extremely heavy ball down a greased-up lane. If you have yet to take the kids to the bowling alley, your trip to Pismo Beach is the time to start. An exciting and fun counterpoint to the beauty of the Central Coast, a bowling adventure will help the little ones and teens burn off steam, build some muscle, and create long-lasting memories for your entire family. Check out Pismo Bowl or Cal Poly's Mustang Lanes for some good ol' family fun!

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